Who is "Master Lu Jun Hong"?

Master Lu Jun Hong卢台长lu tai zhang

Who is "Master Lu Jun Hong"?

"Master Jun Hong Lu" is a well-known leader of the Chinese community in Sydney. For the past 20 years, he has been the President of Chinese radio stations, and is highly respected by Chinese listeners. "Master Jun Hong Lu" is also the President of the Australian Chinese Buddhist Research Centre, the President of community groups in the Australian Chinese communities, as well as the Vice President of the Australia Chinese People China Peaceful Reunification Association (CCPPA).


"Master Jun Hong Lu", the world famous Buddhist teacher, is also the President of 2OR Australian Oriental Radio. He has been hosting the top radio program, ‘The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics’, for over 20 years. Through his transcendental power for Totem Enquiry, he provides guidance to countless listeners all around the world.

In times of uncertainties, words of wisdom from a grand master would help us to clear our confusion. Master Jun Hong Lu has studied Buddhism and metaphysics since an early age, and received guidance from grand Buddhist masters and venerables. He has the ability to connect with the spiritual world, surpassing life and death. For decades, "Master Jun Hong Lu" has renounced fame and fortune, and has dedicated himself to propagate Buddhist teachings to the world. With the mission to promote traditional Chinese culture, he provides teachings of “loving kindness and compassion”, as well as the essence of Chan Buddhism and Confuciusm. "Master Jun Hong Lu" encourages people to refrain from wrongdoings and perform good deeds. Through the extraordinary metaphysics approach, he helps people from all over the world to overcome difficulties in life, and guides them to have the Proper Faith in Buddhism. "Master Jun Hong Lu" promotes learning from the ‘Buddhist Recitation Collection’ advocated by the late President of the Buddhist Association of China, Mr Zhao Puchu.

"Master Jun Hong Lu" has been helping people for decades without asking for any material returns, and has travelled all over the world to propagate Buddhist teachings. Since 2010, in response to the invitations from followers around the globe, "Master Jun Hong Lu" and his Dharma Propagating Group have held almost 40 grand Dharma function in major cities in Australia; New York, Los Angeles and Boston in the US; Toronto in Canada; as well as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UK, France, Germany, Denmark. The Dharma functions in Hong Kong 2012 were well attended with over 10,000 audience members. Master Jun Hong Lu is respected and welcomed by followers around the world, and has received attention and coverage by major media agencies internationally. Today, the "Guan Yin Citta" Dharma Door has a significant global impact, encouraging people to practise and learn Buddhist teachings.

Master Jun Hong Lu’s contributions to world peace, as well as his efforts in propagating Chinese culture and Buddhist teachings have been recognised by academics, religious communities, as well as the mainstream society around the world. In July 2012, he was honoured with the ‘World Peace Award (Buddhism)’ and the title of the ‘Ambassador for World Peace’ of the year from the Unity of Faiths, United Kingdom, one of the events in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. In September 2012, "Master Jun Hong Lu" was invited to give a public talk at Harvard University, and received significant attention from the academics, religious communities, and media in North America. In October 2012, he received the ‘British Community Honours Award’ at the House of Lords, United Kingdom. This award is recognised and honoured by Her Majesty the Queen for members of the British Community for their contribution to British Society.

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"Master Jun Hong Lu" Dharma Events

Since 2010, in response to the invitations from Buddhist followers around the globe, "Master Lu" have organized Dharma events in many countries including Australia, United States, Canada, Belgium, Spain and many more.